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Worldview Conceptions:: Inviting Narratives and Disequilibrium

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by Elizabeth Christina Reid Belcher

This book explores the nature of worldview in one institution of Christian Higher Education (CHE) and the role of narrative in articulating, promoting and or understanding worldview. Currently, even though the term worldview has been highly apparent in branding and mission statements in Institutions of CHE, little research has been undertaken into the ways in which a worldview operates at different levels of an institution over time, how it is sustained or changed, and how a worldview speaks to or for members of an institutional community over time. It is implied in the branding of Christian educational institutions that ‘worldviews’ embody a particular stance, and exhibit a way of being ‘particular’ in the world. But what drives this worldview? And how is it experienced by students and professors? In what ways do the worldviews of the professors and students who make up an institution of Christian Higher Education mediate its institutional worldview?