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When Faith Meets Therapy

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The power of faith intersects with the practicality of counseling in this unique partnership of a faith/worship leader and a therapist as they offer a pathway for readers to find help, hope, healing, and freedom while navigating life's struggles.

No one is immune from life's difficulties, yet many people are reluctant to talk about mental health or seek professional help when they are struggling. People of faith who are battling issues such as anxiety, depression, life changes, stress, or relationship problems may suffer in silence, believing things would get better if only their faith was stronger, they prayed more, or if they had more self-discipline. The stigma about needing to seek help is all too real. 

But seeking professional help isn't a sign of weakness; it's a sign that someone is serious about moving forward emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Written by producer, artist, and author Anthony Evans, along with licensed psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser, When Faith Meets Therapy:
  • Dispels the cultural myths and stigmas that surround professional therapy
  • Shares stories from the authors' personal experiences and others who are facing life's challenges
  • Provides practical steps that readers can take in the pursuit of emotional, relational, and spiritual progress


Anthony and Stacy met five years ago when Anthony was seeking emotional and relational healing of his own. Stacy led Anthony through his own process of internal renovation and remains his personal therapist to this day.

When Faith Meets Therapy contains priceless, practical knowledge to break stereotypes that surround therapy, all while offering immeasurable hope and encouragement.