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Understanding the Lay of the Holy Land

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Understanding the Lay of the Holy Land provides the perfect introduction to Scripture through a cartographic portrayal of Bible history and geography and is a unique and valuable resource tool for serious Bible study. This highly visual study aid includes photographs, maps of major archaeological sites from the Chalcolithic age to the Roman period, a concise yet helpful text, and an Index to Places. From the ancient Near East, to the deserts around Canaan, to the rivers of the Garden of Eden, this practical and handy book is a welcome resource for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the physical places mentioned in the Bible.

Describes the

- Geographical regions and subregions in the ancient Near East

- Internationals roads and trade routes - Ancient economies and cultures of the ancient Near East

- The four winds of heaven

- The Table of Nations in their lands

- Map of archaeological excavations for sites from the 4th millenium B.C.E. to the Roman Period

Key points and features:

- Produced by Carta Jerusalem, trusted and known for their excellent biblical study helps and references

- Accessible introduction to biblical geography