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Thoughts for Young Men

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Thoughts for Young Men is practical, spiritual, and lively. Abounding in advice and good sense, it is still as relevant and helpful in the twenty-first century as it was when it was first published in 1865.

Ryle first gives general reasons for exhorting young men, before moving on to special dangers for young men, counsel for young men, and special rules for young men. He writes with a sense of true, pastoral care for the young men of his day, and his sage advice is every bit as applicable to young men today—indeed, all young people will be greatly helped by this small but powerful book.

  • Accessible: The short, approachable chapters are suitable for teenagers and young adults alike, though the content is sure to benefit readers of any age. Its length makes it an excellent book for group studies.
  • Practical: Ryle’s wise counsel targets perennial issues young men of every century have faced: pride, love of pleasure, thoughtlessness, contempt of religion, fear of man. His advice for fleeing such things is not heady and theoretical, but imminently practical, always reminding his reader to ‘become acquainted with our Lord Jesus Christ.’
  • Giftable: As seen in the product reviews below, Thoughts for Young Men is the sort of book which is excellent for keeping on hand to give to the young people around you.