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Theology Questions Everyone Asks

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Everyone has questions about God and what matters most in life. When we ask those questions, we are asking about theology.

Isn't talk about God really a guessing game?
What good is the Old Testament?
How can we have free will if God controls everything?
The virgin birth. Really?
What does an earthquake say about God?
Is the Holy Spirit still at work in churches today?
What did Jesus think about getting married?
Does being a Christian mean having particular political views?
While books about doctrine supply description and analysis of the classic questions of the faith, they often miss the contemporary questions on the minds of readers. This book fills that gap. Organized around the key topics of Jesus, the Bible, church, the Holy Spirit, evil, salvation and hope, the sometimes-provocative questions on these topics aim to ring true with the lived experience of real people. Even more, they look to inspire reflection, debate, disagreement, and above all, engagement in what the Christian faith is all about.