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The Science of the Good Samaritan

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What does it mean to love your neighbor in today's fraught, divided world?

Join Dr. Emily Smith, global health expert and creator of the popular Facebook page Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist, as she dives into what loving your neighbor--as illustrated in the biblical parable of the Good Samaritan--truly means. Combining Dr. Smith's expertise as a scientist with her deep Christian faith while drawing from her journey from small-town Texas to a prestigious university, The Science of the Good Samaritan shares fascinating stories from Dr. Smith's life and the lives of other inspiring people around the world to show us how to:
  • Find shared values with people from different backgrounds, faiths, and cultures than our own
  • Reach outside our immediate circles to bring in those on the margins
  • Redefine our concept of "neighbor" and love our neighbors in more practical and global ways
  • Bridge the gaps of society's disparities and inequities