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The Sacrifice of Praise: Meditations Before And After Admission To The Lord's Supper

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by Herman Bavinck

In The Sacrifice of Praise, Herman Bavinck pastorally guides the reader through the importance of the public profession of faith. Bavinck’s careful treatment includes explorations of the unifying power of a common (ecumenical) confession of faith, the blessing of the diversity of believers, and reasonable instruction for those facing persecution for publicly identifying with Christ. Theological, practical, straightforward, and devotional, The Sacrifice of Praise gives readers a fresh appreciation for the importance of confessing one’s faith.

This is an updated English translation of the original Dutch edition and includes a new introduction and scriptural citations.

“The Sacrifice of Praise gives us the impression of a spring flower, in the midst of the sharp, cold, fierce spring winds; an Elim in the desert of daily worries, hardships, quarrels, and murmurings. May the Lord God grant that it is the forerunner of a beautiful, refreshing, abundantly fruit-bearing summer.” ―From a 1901 review in De Bazuin (a Dutch religious paper)