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The Reason I Believe

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How would you respond to the question, "Why should I be Christian instead of Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist?"

In answering, you might focus on what Scripture teaches and what you believe - namely, the Gospel message. But the skeptics will press you for more. They'll ask why a loving God allows evil in the world. They'll promote science that supports Darwinian theories. They'll challenge the reliability of Scripture. People don't often believe something just because someone says they should, especially when it comes to religion.

But what if you answered, "You should be Christian because Christianity is the only religion that can be proven to be true"? And what if you had the evidence to support this powerful claim?

In The Reason I Believe, author Allen Quist returns to a basic fact-based defense of Christianity. In doing so, he offers a wealth of compelling evidence for the truthfulness of Christianity, including the existence of God, the reliability of Scripture, and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Quist also presents a biblical response to the problem of evil and the scientific issues with Darwinism, equipping Christians to confidently respond to these common objections to their faith.

After reading The Reason I Believe, Christians and skeptics alike will better understand why Christianity requires faith - just not a blind leap of faith.