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The Matter of Little Losses

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Like papercuts to the heart, it's the seemingly small and insignificant losses--of place, pets, jobs, and dreams--that grieve us more than we think they do. This poetic book is a balm for brokenness and a guide for readers to find the grace to grieve the things that matter.

Life is full of love, but it is also full of loss. Like paper cuts to the heart, every big and seemingly insignificant loss--the loss of friendships, faith, dreams, health, community, and everything in between--grieves us more than we think it will, and often more than we let on. Why? Because they matter.

In this compassionate and deeply personal book, Rachel Marie Kang invites you to see and be seen in the midst of your sorrow, your suffering--your story. Through prose and poetry that gives voice to all the things we lose along the way, this gracious book will help you

· ponder your loss without judgment
· remember what was and make meaning of your memories
· reflect on what is yet to be as you heal with hope

You don't have to bury your pain, and you don't have to pretend you're over it just because the world thinks you should be. Let Rachel walk hand in hand with you, giving space for sorrow and welcoming you as you find your way along the path to healing.