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The Good of Giving Up

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Curious about Lent?
Over the last several years, more and more evangelicals have been observing Lent. Why the influx? Isn’t Lent legalistic? What is gained by giving things up?

In The Good of Giving Up, you’ll get answers to these questions and more. Anglican pastor Aaron Damiani, whose background spans high church and “low” church, explains the season of Lent, defends its theological legitimacy, and guides you in its practice.

After reading The Good of Giving Up: An Introduction to Observing Lent, you will:

Have a compelling, accessible, and evangelical case for the season of Lent
Come away motivated and equipped to practice Lent personally
Discern personal habits and cultural conditioning that make Lent “good medicine” for your soul
Know how to shepherd your children through Lent
Understand the dynamics of leading an entire church through Lent
Lent is much more than giving up meat, sweets, or TV. It is a season of intentional discipline and focus on the Lord―a “springtime for the soul.” Read The Good of Giving Up and learn everything you need for understanding, practicing, and enjoying this ancient, spiritually formative tradition.