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The Game Changers: True Stories about Saving Mothers and Babies in East Africa

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The Game Changers is a passionate wake-up call to recognize and rectify a daily tragedy and a global injustice. Around the world some 300,000 women and 
girls die each year during childbirth-needlessly, and often agonizingly-from preventable causes. In developing countries, maternal mortality rates are
hundreds of times higher than in the developed world. From on the ground in East Africa, obstetrician Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese and journalist Patricia
Paddey chronicle a new education initiative called Save the Mothers that is developing leaders-in the fields of politics, journalism, education, law,
social services and education-and turning them into game changers. Captivating real life stories backed by impeccable research reveal why mothers and their
babies are dying, and how Save the Mothers is equipping and motivating local leaders who, in turn, are empowering women and girls, challenging men to care,
improving maternal health, and changing the social fabric in East Africa. The book also offers readers practical ways to make a difference.