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The Character of Christ

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Author Jonathan Landry Cruse examines the godly attributes of the fruit of the Spirit in the Lord’s example and shows us that we can bear true fruit for God only by our union to the the life-giving Vine.

Most experienced Christians are familiar with the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians. Love, peace, patience, and so on are often considered both gracious marks of true Christian character and ideals to aim for. But what do they look like when lived to the fullest?

The Character of Christ answers this question by studying the fullness of the fruit of the Spirit in the life of Christ. In a warm and engaging style, Jonathan Landry Cruse examines Christ’s example, comparing them with our own faltering efforts at holiness. He roots the reader firmly in the Scriptures, revealing the work of bearing the fruit of the Spirit is God’s work, not ours – and this is good news for all those who yearn for greater sanctification.


Helpful questions for each chapter are included in the back of the book to aid discussion in family worship or small group settings.

  • Practical and Applicable: Jonathan Landry Cruse avoids viewing the fruit of the Spirit a ‘to do’ list, while also avoiding the error of making it a merely theoretical idea which has no practical application in the life of the Christian.
  • Accessible: Written in a conversational and pastoral tone, The Character of Christ is warm and engaging, making it an excellent book for private worship, family worship, and small groups.
  • Points the reader to Jesus: Rather than focusing on ‘working harder’ or ‘being better,’ Jonathan Landry Cruse is constantly pointing his readers to the Saviour and his perfect embodiment and fulfillment of the fruit of the Spirit.