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Thank God: Becoming More Grateful to the Greatest of Givers

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by Reuben Bredenhof

What do you have that you did not receive? With this searching question, Reuben Bredenhof invites readers to experience a life of genuine Christian thanksgiving. His appeal moves us beyond the memes and self-help books that have made gratitude a popular, yet superficial topic in recent years. True thankfulness focuses on the good and gracious Giver of all things. Furthermore, it is grounded in Christ and expresses itself through the Christian’s joyful response. Winsomely and pastorally, Bredenhof helps us develop the holy habit of thankfulness, even in suffering, and reminds us that today’s gratitude is only a small beginning of our eternal thankfulness to God for His generosity to us in Christ.



  1. What Do You Have That You Did Not Receive?
  2. The Good and Gracious Giver
  3. God’s Ground for Giving
  4. Let Me Count the Ways
  5. A Grateful Heart and Life
  6. Gratitude Undermined
  7. How to Excel in Thankfulness
  8. In All Circumstances
  9. Forever Thanksgiving