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Sound Stewardship: How Shall Christians Think About Music?

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by Karen A. DeMol

Nobody doesn't like music; from childhood days to old age, in daily life and in worship, our lives are enriched with music - simple lullabies and complex symphonies, majestic hymns and toe-tapping ragtime. Enjoying music and finding generous space for it in our lives is not a problem. But when we seek to articulate a Christian perspective for music, we can get caught short. How, exactly, does this wonderful world of music fit into a Christian understanding of the world and of our place and our task in it? How should we engage in music as part of our lives as Christians? How are we to evaluate music? What does "giving glory to God" really mean when it comes to music?

In Sound Stewardship, Karen DeMol presents an understanding of music as rooted in creation and an overview of the implications of the realities of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and the coming Eschaton for music. Intended for music-makers and music-lovers and for those who make decisions about music in worship and music in education - indeed, for all of us - Sound Stewardship provides a biblical foundation for activity in music and a call to serve as responsible and joyful stewards of God's marvelous world of sound.