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Rivers of Sorrow, Currents of Hope: A Prayerbook for the Grieving

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by Paula D'Arcy

Using scripture as a guide, bestselling author Paula D’Arcy walks us through our grief and its stages--from sorrow, anger, pain, and fear to acceptance and healing. This tender and compassionate book, written by someone who has experienced loss herself, makes the perfect gift of caring and support for all who grieve. “In one small book Paula D’Arcy manages to touch the raw nerves of the soul and sooth them. She walks into the center of our grief, says it aloud and makes it bearable again by relieving us of our isolation, our loneliness and our fear. One step at a time, she walks us through it. This is a book to have when it happens―and it will. Better than that, this is a book to have just in case it happens when we are least prepared. If being understood is half the answer to grief, in this beautiful little book we are finally understood.” – Joan Chittister OSB