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Refresh: 19 Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Life

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by Ron Hughes

What people are saying about: Refresh "Basing his thoughts on refreshingly told Bible stories, Ron Hughes has called us back to the basics of a walk with God. He accomplishes this by reflecting on many of the 'old' spiritual disciplines and bringing some 'less-thought-of-ones' to the fore. Though his '19 ways' are actions, they focus more on the heart of a God-follower who wants to have an intimate relationship with his Creator. A joy to read, a challenge to do and a privilege to experience." Jim Allen, Global Pastor, HCJB Global "I found Ron's book to be inspiring, encouraging and motivating, and his writing style especially easy to follow. This is a book for ordinary people who desire to become extraordinary by being more like Jesus, and I highly recommend it. It is one that should be in every home, church, and library." Sue Augustine, best-selling author and international motivational speaker for 25 years and owner of Sue Augustine Seminars "This book is just what many of us need. Ron Hughes speaks simply and deeply of the realities of cultivating our walk with God. This book is refreshing and clear, like pure, cool water on a hot day. If you're thirsty to go deeper with God, I warmly commend this work to you." Gregg Harris, President, Far East Broadcasting Company "This is an important, practical and unique book, that will, if you work through the 19 ways to boost your spiritual life, make a huge difference to the way you enjoy your life in Christ. From getting started, to enjoying rest in Christ, this book, with its interesting take on biblical stories and its practical applications could make a significant difference to your life. I am happy to recommend it with enthusiasm." Dr. David Humphreys, Emeritus Professor, McMaster University, Canada "Ron's approach to teaching truths of Scripture is both practical and powerful. He openly and honestly challenges his readers with pithy quotes, stories of Bible characters, and with Scripture. Twenty-first century issues are addressed, such as how to find time for God in today's electronically-driven society. This book is a "must read" for all who desire a deeper relationship with the Lord." Della Letkeman, author of "Ants" and "Voice in the Darkness" "The life of a disciple of Jesus is not necessarily a life of doing external acts. It is a matter of the inner life, those spiritual disciplines that promote spiritual transformation. They are the 'below the surface things, ' things that others will never see or observe, but Jesus does. Jesus is the 'audience of one' who can take the principles and practices that Ron Hughes is talking about and make them resound through all of eternity. Read the book carefully and deeply. These are spiritual secrets that are priceless." Lauren Libby, President/CEO, TWR International "Prepare yourself for the journey of your life. En route you will come upon 19 "Rest Stops" strategically placed to invite you to pause in your pursuit of a closer walk with the Lord and a deeper experience of the Christian life. Time spent at each stop, to internalize the practical and pertinent guidance, will not only shorten the journey but make it the adventure of your life." William J. McRae, President Emeritus, Tyndale University College & Seminary "When Jesus becomes our source of hope, a new way of life begins. But it doesn't just happen automatically. Ron's very practical guide to spiritual vitality helps us face some of the challenges we will encounter as we seek to follow Christ. As the pace of life continually increases, we must carve out time to spend in the presence of Christ and grow in His likeness. Ron shows us that our destiny is to be with God Himself. We are journeying towards Him, and when we see Him we shall be like Him - that is our hope." Hugo Wolmarans, Director Arab World Media, a ministry of Pioneers