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Questioning Faith: Indirect Journeys of Belief Through Terrains of Doubt

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by Randy Newman

Sort through Your Questions and Find a Path from Doubt to Faith

Do you have honest questions about faith? Or have you walked away from faith altogether? Perhaps you’ve been part of a faith tradition, but you’ve begun to question parts of what you’ve been taught. Students and young professionals today are submerged in a culture of cynicism and doubt. Many identify as nonreligious but wrestle with questions about God’s existence, the meaning of life, and whether it’s possible to find goodness and beauty in this world.

After 40 years listening to hundreds of people’s stories of faith, Randy Newman has come to see that answering spiritual questions usually involves a series of twists and turns, not a direct ascent from one belief to another. Our political view, family background, understanding of sexuality, and religious background all play a part in our faith journeys. If you or a friend are navigating terrains of doubt, you’ll find Newman to be a faithful guide. He’ll help you sort through your many questions and find solid answers.  

  • Culturally Aware: Touches on matters of morality, identity, suffering, sexuality, and science
  • Accessible: Newman mixes thought-provoking anecdotes with a clear and compelling message about the Christian faith
  • A Tool for Winsome Apologetics: Written to help those who doubt to answer their questions about the Christian faith; will also help Christians strengthen their beliefs and share them with doubting friends
  • Written by Randy Newman: Senior fellow for apologetics and evangelism at the C. S. Lewis Institute