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Principles of Music, 3rd edition

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Principles of Music, Third Edition, introduces students to music fundamentals by moving step-by-step through carefully sequenced exercises. Throughout the text students learn to use the keyboard as a tool to visualize theoretical concepts. In addition to pitch, the text explores the basics of rhythm and meter, emphasizing exercises that link to performance throughout. New online exercises help students develop skills in music fundamentals before putting pencil to paper.
  • Lesson-based organization breaks down the learning process into a series of digestible and progressive lessons, each of which shares a similar structure.
  • A straight-forward, back-to-basics style helps students build a thorough understanding of key concepts such as musical notation of rhythm and pitch, major and minor scales, key signatures, intervals, triads, and seventh chords-providing the necessary background for more advanced study in music theory
  • A keyboard-oriented approach provides foundational coverage of the relationship between the piano keyboard and music notation, making it flexible for use in schools that coordinate the teaching of fundamentals and basic keyboard skills.

New to this Edition

  • Lambert's focus on the keyboard as a tool helps students ground their study of music fundamentals in musical practice.
  • "HELP!" boxes within exercises guide students as they complete exercises.
  • A range of creative projects keep students engaged.