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Paul: Narrative or Apocalyptic

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Two main schools of thought organize the field of play for Paul--apocalyptic and narrative. Apocalyptic, rooted in Second Temple mystical Judaism, emphasizes the disjunctive, the disruptive. Both the cross and resurrection are read as cosmic commentary on abolishment of all and the advent of the brand new. Narrative, rooted in the Old Testament's covenant promises, emphasizes continuity. The cross and resurrection are read inside covenant to show fulfillment. Here, in one volume, the salient statements of two acclaimed Pauline scholars--J. Christiaan Beker and N.T. Wright--are represented, and the difference becomes evident. While agreeing that the cross and resurrection of Jesus stand at the very center of Paul's theological enterprise, they disagree as to how to interpret Christ's death and resurrection: as apocalyptic or as covenant fulfillment.