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Journey toward Justice: Personal Encounters in the Global South

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by Nicholas P. Wolterstorff

Drawing on his experiences in South Africa, the Middle East, and Honduras, leading philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff's explains how his views on justice have changed through the years.

In Journey Toward Justice: Personal Encounters in the Global South Wolterstorff offers readers an autobiographical tour through which he distills the essence of his thoughts on this timely topic through the lenses of his experiences in the global south. After describing how he came to think about justice as he does and reviewing the theory of justice he developed in earlier writings, Wolterstorff shows how deeply embedded justice is in Christian Scripture. He reflects on the difficult struggle to right injustice and examines the necessity of just punishment. Finally, he explores the relationship between justice and beauty and between justice and hope.

Christianity's demographics, vitality, and influence have tipped markedly toward the global South and East-regioms both increasingly concerned with justice. Addressing this seismic shift, one of today's leading Christian scholars reflects on what he has learned about justice through his encounters with world Christianity.