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Jesus the Harmony: Gospel Sonnets for 366 Days

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by Gracia Grindal

In this one-of-a-kind volume, author and poet Gracia Grindal has written 366 sonnets based on the life and ministry of Jesus to inspire meditation and reflection. Each poem entry is based on a specific biblical connection and relates to a holy day or season. The book's introduction provides historic background on Gospel harmonies, tells the story of how the author created the sonnets, and offers suggestions for using this unique devotional volume.

The author describes the project as a "holy obsession." Grindal uses a Harmony of the Gospels by Johannes Thorbj├╗rnson Ylvisaker (1845-1917) to guide her selection of lessons to set in sonnet form. Traditional lists of texts have been used devotionally by the church over the centuries to tell the story of Jesus. (The reading of the Passion story on Palm/Passion Sunday, for example, is traditionally called a harmony.) Ultimately, the goal is to encourage creative reflection on these texts.

The author compares this distinctive collection to work of French painter James Tissot, who painted some 350 paintings depicting the story of Jesus. The poems are written accessibly but often have a twist or metaphor at the end, to cause readers to be moved or surprised and to make connections with the rest of life, the Bible, and the reader's own story.

These poems may be used one per day as a devotional meditation, or as readings in sermons, teaching, or worship.