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Imagination Station #29: Sled Run For Survival

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Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station 

Over 1 Million Sold in the Series!

When the kids step into the Imagination Station, they travel back in time and across the world with cousins Patrick and Beth. Each book is historically accurate, and readers will grow in their faith and knowledge of big historical events as they race through each unforgettable story.

Patrick and Beth knew they’d be facing a danger more fierce than a polar bear or a walrus, but they never thought their opponent wouldn’t be large enough to see.

After arriving in Alaska in the winter of 1925, they discover that a very small enemy—a disease called diphtheria—is sweeping through the town of Nome. Can Patrick help retrieve enough medicine for the children by riding along with Clearsky and his team of sled dogs?

Meanwhile, Beth makes a new friend who wants to prove she can accomplish this mission using an airplane, and she’s not taking no for an answer. But can Amelia safely fly a plane over frigid and stormy Alaska? Will the dogs be able to get the medicine back to Nome in time?

by Marianne Hering