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Holy Available

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True Christian faith is a profoundly transformational experience in which every part of our being is marked by GodÆs change and energized by his presence.This transformation takes us far beyond mere sin avoidance to a robust Ôfull-bodiedÖ holiness in which we make ourselves Ôholy availableÖ to God every minute of the day.From Starbucks, to the office, to the soccer fields, to the boardroom, believers have the opportunity to carry the presence of Christ wherever they go.God offers the reader more than mere forgiveness; he wants to radically change and fill them with his presence, so they can experience an entirely different kind of life based not just on what they do or donÆt do but on who they are.Yet while many Christians today profess belief, their Christianity has no pulse. Holy Available is a manifesto of fully alive faith. Gary Thomas issues a compelling call for readers to see with ChristÆs eyes, feel with ChristÆs heart, and serve with ChristÆs hands. We make ourselves available to become ÔGod oases,Ö places of spiritual refuge where God can bring the hurting and lost to enjoy his presence and ministry.