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Grace All Around Us: Embracing God's Promise in Tragedy and Loss

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by Stephen Paul Bouman

What sustains Christians when they are confronted with tragedy and grief? How do Christians live in the changed world of post- 9/11 reality? Stephen Paul Bouman addresses these questions as he shares his own personal story and the stories of others. 
In Scripture God's promises are made real, says Bouman. God's faithfulness is expressed on the ground, in places of hurt and hope. The passion emanating from Ground Zero in New York has become, for him, a kind of Holy Land, and it is from that Holy Land that he offers this book as a kind of "diary of an urban bishop," looking at tragedy and loss through the eyes of a pastor called to be a bishop.

With awe and respect for the many people whose faith and compassion have left a mark on his life, Bouman explores the struggle between doubt and faith and the effort to pray in the midst of grief.