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God's Big Picture Bible Storybook

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by N.T. Wright

This first illustrated Bible storybook from one of the world's top Bible scholars draws the connections across all of God's very good story, His Word. This practical Bible guide shares all your family's favorite stories, plus some that may be new, combining a theologian's expertise with engaging narratives that will draw kids into the good news of the world's greatest, truest tale.

God's Big Picture Bible Storybook

  • is for children ages 6 to 10;
  • is the first children's book written by scholar and professor Tom (N.T.) Wright;
  • identifies story parallels across the Bible that show kids that all of God's Word matters;
  • includes 140 short stories, each vividly illustrated by award-winning artist Helena Perez Garcia; and
  • shows the intention behind God's stories and the hope for salvation they provide.

N.T. Wright wants his readers to discover the many surprising ways in which one Bible story echoes another, and how different stories contribute to the one very good and very big story of God's love for creation--a story that unfolds over the centuries, until at last it is fully revealed in the life and teaching of Jesus. Young readers will be fascinated and delighted as they hear the echoes and spot the visual links between the pictures and the stories. Not only that, they will be thrilled to discover that this is not just a story involving people who lived long ago: it's a living and enduring story, a story in which God invites them to be involved as well!