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Covenant and Creation: An Old Testament Covenant Theology

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by William J. Dumbrell

Covenant And Creation (Revised 2013) This study analyses the different divine covenants of the Old Testament and argues that they are closely related. The successive covenants, from Noah to David, are seen to express the divine purpose for humanity from the creation onwards. William Dumbrell interacts extensively with attempts to explain the significance of concepts such as the gift of the land, victory, rest and the divine presence. This extraordinary book also throws light upon the Christian use of the Old Testament categories. This second, revised edition brings the subject right up to date. 'W.J. Dumbrell's work is an important contribution to the study of the covenants. His development of the biblical theology of the covenants has far-reaching implications for enlarging our understanding of God's revelation in the Bible. He does not glean a few random proof texts to support his conclusions. Rather, he works through the warp and woof of the covenants to show God's design - specifically, paradise restored. Pastors and serious Bible students will find that Dumbrell's up-to-date scholarship provides a valuable resource for all who "...are looking for a new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells" (2 Pet. 3:13).' Taken from Christopher K. Lensch's review, WRS Journal [Publisher]