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Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century: Questions of Stewardship and Accountability

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Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century comprises original scholarly essays and creative works exploring the implications of Christian environmentalism through literary and cultural criticism and creative reflection.

The volume draws on a flourishing recent body of Christian ecocriticism and environmental activity, incorporating both practical ethics and environmental spirituality, but with particular emphasis on the notion of human responsibility. It discusses responsibility in its dual sense, as both the recognized cause of environmental destruction and the ethical imperative of accountability to the nonhuman environment. The book crosses boundaries between traditional scholarly and creative reflection through a global range of topics: African oral tradition, Ohio artists off the grid, immigrant self-metaphors of land and sea, iconic writers from Milton to O’Connor to Atwood, and Indigenous Canadian models for listening to the nonhuman Mother of us all. In its incorporation of academic and creative pieces from scholars and creative artists across North America, this volume shows how environmental work of its nature and necessity crosses traditional academic and community boundaries. In both form and orientation, this collection speaks to the most urgent intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual needs of the present day.

This book will appeal to scholars, researchers, and upper-level students interested in the relationship between religion and environment, ethics, animal welfare, poetry, memoir, and post-secularism.