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Always Reforming: Reflections on Martin Luther and Biblical Studies

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Edited by Channing L. Crisler and Robert L. Plummer

Luther challenges the academy to speak beyond itself.

Whatever the theological malady, Martin Luther prescribed the same remedy: the word of God. For Luther, the Word was central to the Christian life. As a lover, translator, and interpreter of Scripture, Luther believed the Bible was too important to be left to academics. God’s word has always been and must always be for God’s people. What, then, can biblical studies learn from Luther?

In Always Reforming, leading Lutheran, Reformed, and Baptist scholars explore Martin Luther as an interpreter of Scripture. The contributors elucidate central themes of Luther’s approach to Scripture, place him within contemporary dialogue, and suggest how he might reform biblical studies. By retrieving Luther’s voice for the conversations of today, the contributors embody a spirit that is always reforming.