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Adam, Where are You? And Why this Matters: A Theological Evaluation of the Evolutionist Hermeneutic

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by William J. Ouweneel

Since the nineteenth century, many Christian theologians have been converted to the theory of evolution--a theory whose scientific tenability they are not qualified to assess, but which they are unlikely to give up. The majority of
recent books by Christian academics on this subject have all but surrendered the entire field of origins to an evolutionary "molecule-to-man" view of reality.
Those who believe in human evolution, and yet wish to maintain some form of a historical Adam and a historical Fall, suffer from a serious form of self-deception. That is, in no way can they do justice to the careful exegesis of
so many details in Genesis 2 and 3, not to mention key New Testament texts that presuppose the historicity of our first parents.
The central thesis of this book is that those who accept the theory of general evolution cannot at the same time be orthodox Christians because the matter of origins does not belong at the periphery but at the heart of the Christian
This insightful work of theology brings an interdisciplinary vision to bear upon its subject, undergirded as it is by a distinctly Christian philosophy that demolishes the evolutionary philosophical paradigm that has so influenced
Western theologians for generations.