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40 Days of Doubt: Devotions for the Skeptic

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by Eric Huffman 

40 Days of Doubt: Devotions for the Skeptic is for all those sports-talk listening, eye-rolling, Game-of-Thrones-loving, abnormal believers out there. If you’ve ever felt that your mind and soul were fighting, you’ll find solace in these awe and wonder-filled reflections by pastor and author Eric Huffman. This devotional helps us understand how we can cope with our questions, and provides insightful answers during our times of doubt. Product Features: Shares 40 devotionals on life and faith. Explores questions readers may be asking about their faith. Offers guidance for those wanting candid insight about Christianity.

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“Real. Bible. Wisdom. Eric Huffman’s 40 days (with a bonus 41st day!) of meditations on life’s problems, opportunities and meanings is real, honest, biblically sound and wise. His sometimes edgy and direct testimony is inspirational and connects with our best and worst experiences. Buy it, then read it.” Scott Jones, co-author of Ask, Faith Questions in a Skeptical Age 
40 Days of Doubt is a cleverly constructed book that gives doubters space to (re)consider the fundamental claims of God over their lives. Well written with a very readable style Eric charts a path to a well-considered faith.” Alan and Debra Hirsch, Missional Leaders, Authors and Speakers.

“As a recovering pastor, I confess I went through my own season of eye-rolling cynicism about church, religion and Christians. 40 Days of Doubt provides space to consider real questions for agnostics, skeptics, and just burned-out Christians who are tired of trite answers.” Tim Stevens, Author of Marked By Love: A Dare To Walk Away from Judgment and Hypocrisy 

"Reading 40 Days of Doubt feels like I am having a frank and straightforward conversation about all the things that stand in the way of giving one’s whole heart and life to following Jesus. With each issue Huffman addresses, he chooses not to pull any punches about how the culture of “me” is often the real impediment to faith, and how the obstacles are often not the message, but the way the church fails to live it out. You may agree with him or disagree with him, but he will make you think as he peels back the layers of rhetoric and gets at the heart of the issue. If you are someone who wants to believe but can’t quite get there, 40 Days of Doubt may be just the ticket." Tom Pace, Senior Pastor, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Houston