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Accessing your eBooks

Accessing your eBooks

Your course has an eBook, what do you do? 

We have begun working with a new eBook provider, in hopes of streamlining the process for both our students and our faculty. 

There are two ways of getting to your eBooks. You can go directly to the eBooks page on the website, and purchase the appropriate title. Or, you can go onto your course Discovery Page, and click the eBook link. That link will bring you directly to the book you need to purchase, and order it that way. 

To redeem your eBook, you simply go back to the Discovery page, click the link, type in your four digit order number (starts with a 1), and your email address and you will have access. 

See the PDF document here,  walking you through the steps. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at 


Please be aware that faculty are finalizing their Discovery pages and some may not yet be available. We are also finalizing some of the ebooks yet this week, but, they will be ready for you to access the first week of school. 

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