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Christ and Consumerism: Critical Reflections on the Spirit of Our Age

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edited by Craig Bartholomew and Thorsten Moritz

Consumerism is not merely a way of life -- it is increasingly recognized as a framework through which people find their identity and sense of belonging in society. Christians are called to be "salt and light" in society. If we are to take this command seriously and be zealous for the reputation of God's character in our day, we must test the "spirit of the age" and analyze the forces and ideologies that shape our culture. If we don't, there is a danger that we will become so accustomed to our consumerist culture that it, rather than the convictions at the heart of what God has called us to be, will shape our lives. Issues regarding consumerism are considered from biblical, ethical, sociological and economic viewpoints and suggestions offered about how Christians can positively respond to the prevailing ethic today.