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Called to This Teen Devotional

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What Is Your Call?

Peter was an imperfect man whom God used to do some crucially important things for His kingdom. As you spend the next thirty days in the letters Peter wrote, you'll see his heart and be challenged to live every day as if it were your last. His wisdom and authority will encourage you to take a stand for Jesus, no matter the cost. It will leave you asking questions about how to live your life today and desiring to faIthfully walk with Jesus. You are called to holiness and love!
  In this 12-volume series of monthly devotionals, students will gain a more thorough understanding of key Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible. Students will learn to Discover God’s Word, Delight in the Lord, and Display God’s work in their lives.
Discover (Identity + Theology): Who is God? Who am I in light of who God is? These are two of the most important questions students can grapple with because in discovering who God is, they learn who He has meant for them to be. Studies within the Discover category will help students align their lives under God’s rule which will give them confidence in who they were created to be.
Delight (Spiritual Disciplines): What does it mean to delight in God? What leads to delight in God? Helping students see God in every detail teaches them to delight in Him. When students find their delight in God, they will learn what it means and how to be in relationship with Him.
Display (Leadership, Mission, + Disciple Making): How do students display the glory of God? How do they help others grow in their relationship with Him? How can they lead others to display the truth of God? Through students learning to lead, live on mission, and make disciples, God’s glory is on display and His kingdom is expanded.
Each book includes 30 daily devotions, applicable Scripture, prayer prompts, and practical application.